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What if we could bottle the Summer?

Wouldn't that be great to capture the smell of freshly mown grass, flowery summer meadows and freshly plucked basil?

Mhhhh I've thought of something for you.

I've had this recipe in my well-kept recipe book for a very long time. People keep asking me when I'm finally going to launch a line for adults, like the one I used to sell in my shop in Zurich under the name AromaArt. Well, I don't lack ideas, on the contrary, far too many are slumbering in my head or are written down somewhere. But bringing them to market professionally always costs a lot of energy and above all money. At the moment I am very busy with a new project, the Sweet Dreams Bath Salt, which will be launched in the shops at the beginning of October.

I am therefore giving you the "freshly cut grass" recipe that I love so much, so that you can also mix it yourself.

Of course, it's not so easy to recreate freshly cut grass, because actually grass that you distil wouldn't smell like anything special. But I think it comes very close.

You need:

30ml Distilled water

20ml Bio Alcohol (Chemist)

6 Drops. Cypress oil

3 Drops. Basil

7 Drops. Lemon, lime or Lemongrass (I think they are all wonderful)

2 Drops. Vetiver

2 Drops. Melissa

4 Drops. Rose geranium

1 50ml brown glass bottle with spray

*I use the essential oils from Primavera.

  1. First mix the essential oils in a small container so that you can make any necessary changes.

  2. Always start with the base, in this case vetiver.

  3. then the heart note, here rose geranium and lemon balm.

  4. then the top notes, everything that is light and airy.

  5. You can still increase a little of the top notes, this is the fragrance that disappears the fastest, the base lasts the longest.

  6. Then add the alcohol and finally the distilled water. Put everything into your amber glass and shake it well.

The basil gives the blend a very unique note. Not everyone likes the scent, so be careful with the dosage.

My whole family loves this fresh scent and should we get a longing for carefree summer days in autumn or winter, we spray a little of it around the room or on our wrists, have a picnic on the living room carpet and dream of summer.

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