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How baby scent came about  

I didn't just wake up one day and think: "I'm going to make a new baby care line". On the contrary: I have been asked by my customers and friends to reveal my secret to healthy sleep and a happy life together.

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"I've lived in Shanghai, Doha and Goa for work and everywhere the big topic among mothers was: the child's sleep! They wanted to know my secret as to why my child always falls asleep well and is so relaxed."

Ursula Gigliotti, Dipl. Spa Manager & relaxation coach

Hello, I'm Ursula

Relaxed kids are happy kids


From the idea to the product

After my burnout and a sudden hearing loss, I made a decision: I wanted the bestrelaxation therapyand baby care that helps mothers around the world to create a relaxed, harmonious family life. 


Together with other specialists, we got started and developed an aromatherapy for babies and children with the highest standards of purity, organic quality and ingredients. Since 2019 we have been developing and producing modern aromatherapy products in Switzerland that make the lives of parents and their children more relaxed.

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your Ursula

We know what moves mothers

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A mother's life has changed a lot in the last 20 years. We travel more, are more active, don't let ourselves be pigeonholed and are not well-behaved and adjusted. But some of the challenges that a mother has to face have remained. Therefore, mothers should stand up for each other and support others to confidently their to make own decisions.

Change is good, but some tips that our mothers or grandmothers gave us are certainly justified. Do you remember the vinegar socks for fever? So I would like to suggest you to live more in harmony with nature with your child, to use the wonderful treasures of nature and to get help, be it in the form of our safe onesBaby fragrance aromatherapy or in the form of mental support, which is so important at this time. 

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