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Healing Baths (Re-bonding) for Babies, Mama's and Children

For me, bathrooms have always had something healing, comforting and calming. I have in the past turned down beautiful old flats with stucco ceilings and parquet flooring because there was no bathtub. I cannot and will not imagine a life without a bathtub.

When I developed the Relaxing Bath Salts from the Babyduft Sweet Dreams line, I came across the Baby Healing Bath (Re-bonding) according to Brigitte Meissner and am enthusiastic about this method.

The baby healing bath can be a good first aid measure after a difficult birth to intensify bonding or to catch up on bonding due to a separation of mother and child.

The healing bath recreates that moment when the newborn is placed on the mother's breast, skin to skin contact, before being dried off.

Recreating or repeating this moment is a very healing and calming experience for babies and mothers after a difficult start in life.

What is the procedure of a therapeutic bath?

  • A cosy and undisturbed atmosphere is the basic prerequisite for starting the baby bath.

  • The room should be pleasantly warm, the mobile phone should ideally be switched off and all participants should not feel any deadline pressure.

  • When the baby is bottle fed, it should be prepared and placed next to the bed. 

  • While the mother makes herself comfortable in bed, the partner or midwife bathes the baby for a few minutes. Ideally, this is done in the baby bath or the bath bucket right next to the bed - if there is not enough space, of course, in the bathroom. 

Then lay the baby naked and wet on the mother's bare torso and cover them both well with a bath towel and the duvet.

The baby must not cool down under any circumstances. The close skin contact with the naked and wet baby is a very emotional and touching experience for many women. It is similar to the situation in which a newborn baby lies on the mother's breast after a vaginal birth.

"This is exactly the moment many women miss after a difficult birth experience"

It is also possible for mother and baby to bathe together in the bath and then snuggle up in bed wrapped up warmly.

The bonding bath can evoke strong emotions in mother and child, which should definitely be allowed. Only in this way can the mother-child bonding bath develop its full effect.  

Do I need to add anything to the baby bath?

Immediately after birth, no bath additive should be used so that the baby can get used to the smell of its mother in peace and quiet. In the days and weeks after birth, you can use the Babyduft Sweet Dreams Relaxation Bath Salts. The rosy vanilla scent gives your child a feeling of security and the minerals contained in the pink Himalayan salt and rose quartz support the natural skin functions.

When should a baby bath be used?

A bonding bath can of course be carried out after any type of birth. It is particularly useful under the following conditions:

  • Cesarean

  • Suction cup birth

  • Forceps delivery 

  • Fast or Slow birth processes

  • After separation of mother and children after birth

  • In case of breastfeeding difficulties

  • Strong baby blues

  • Postpartum depression 

  • Absence of maternal feelings

When is it advisable to carry out the baby bath?

It can be done in the first days after birth or even weeks later. Ideally, mother and baby are supported by their partner or a midwife. You can repeat the baby bath more often. This way mother and baby can truly maximise the healing effects.

Equipment needed:

  • Baby bath or bath bucket

  • Bath thermometer (the water should be 37 degrees)

  • Fluffy bath towel (have clothes/diapers ready for afterwards)

  • Time and rest

  • Babyduft Sweet Dreams Relaxing Bath Salts

Many women find the baby re-bonding bath, sometimes called the mother-child bath, trauma bath or birthing bath, to be relationally beneficial and healing after a difficult birth.

Even though you may not have the chance to do this, there may be someone you would like to recommend this wonderful ritual too. It is so simple and yet so powerful.

I'm going to take a dip in my beloved bathtub.

Relaxed greetings