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  • How often should I use baby fragrance products?
    A consistent bedtime ritual will help kids fall asleep faster and ensure a restful night. Regular massages with the Sweet Dreams body oil lead to pleasant relaxation and surround the delicate children's skin with a soothing cover. The use of the aroma spray can also become a nice ritual. Used regularly, it is also ideal when travelling. With the scent that signals "at home" and security, your little treasure will also feel comfortable in a strange environment.
  • Are essential oils suitable for my baby?
    Baby fragrance products have been specially developed for children and babies from 0+. They are feel-good products that are absorbed through the olfactory system or through the skin. The mixtures are certified, tried and tested dermatologically. The essential oils we use are some of the most expensive and effective on the market, hard to find in other products. If you have concerns about compatibility, we advise applying the product to the crook of your arm and waiting 24 hours. If there is no reaction, you can use the product without hesitation.
  • Are there essential oils that are not suitable?
    You may have read that essential oils are dangerous for babies. Just as there are drinks or foods that are not suitable for children, there are essential oils that are not suitable for children under the age of 4. Of course, BABYDUFT products are free of menthol and camphor (e.g. in peppermint oil), which could trigger cramps in the bronchial tract in small children.
  • What is the advantage of natural products?
    Conventional care products for children are far from delivering the best for baby's delicate skin. They often contain harmful substances that can be absorbed through the skin and cause allergies and skin problems as a result. The baby fragrance products give your child well-being, security and gentle protection. The oils contained and the regular massage strengthen the immune system and provide protection against viruses and bacteria.
  • Does baby scent also help with hyperactivity?
    It has been scientifically proven that lemon balm essential oil is a balm for the soul of hyperactive children. However, lemon balm is rarely used as it is one of the most expensive oils on the market. We have this valuable plant extract in our baby fragrance aroma spray.
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